The Australian Wine Research Institute

Since 1955, The Australian Wine Research Institute has supported Australian grape and wine producers with the development and adoption of innovative practices. Working alongside producers, we aim to develop grapegrowing and winemaking practices for quality production in constantly changing and challenging environments. Our aim is for a positive outcome for producers economically, socially and environmentally. To achieve our aims we have developed a fully integrated business model that is unique in the world. This model is supported with a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals who have joined the AWRI from over a dozen different countries.

The AWRI model combines and integrates world-class research and development, information and knowledge extension and commercial services.

The managing director is Dan Johnson.


The AWRI's three main functions are;

  1. To conduct and communicate research into wine composition and sensory characteristics
  2. To promote industry development and support
  3. To transfer research findings to practice

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