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  1. Applying for ‘editor’ access
  2. Main Page
  3. Professor Isak (Sakkie) Pretorius
  4. Sandbox
  5. The Australian Wine Research Institute
  6. Wine History
  7. Wine History/A new biotype of phylloxera kills grafted vines
  8. Wine History/A patent filed for the use of reverse osmosis for alcohol reduction
  9. Wine History/Acceptance grafting scions onto rootstocks
  10. Wine History/Accurate measurement of alcohol by ebulliometery
  11. Wine History/Agglomerate corks
  12. Wine History/Amino acid precursors in grapes release potent thiol compounds
  13. Wine History/Ancient winemaking spreads from Egypt and Phoenicia
  14. Wine History/Appearance of vintage, age-worthy wines
  15. Wine History/Application of bag-in-box packaging of wine
  16. Wine History/Application of ethephon and paclobutralzol to inhibit vegetative growth
  17. Wine History/Application of sulfur dust to control fungal disease and outbreak of phylloxera
  18. Wine History/Approaches to minimise risks of spoilage by Brettanomyces
  19. Wine History/Australian producers begin to return to the screw cap
  20. Wine History/Automated expert systems
  21. Wine History/Bacteria identified as cause of malic acid conversion
  22. Wine History/Bag-in-box idea for wine packaging patented
  23. Wine History/Bench-grafting large-scale production of resistant rootstocks
  24. Wine History/Benchmark trial of different bottle closures
  25. Wine History/Bentonite for wine clarification
  26. Wine History/Better understanding of the relationship between tannin and quality
  27. Wine History/Bio-pesticides
  28. Wine History/Biologically-effective day degrees adjusted for latitude and daily temperature range
  29. Wine History/Bordeaux mixture for downy control
  30. Wine History/Canopy management expanded across a range of climates
  31. Wine History/Centrifuge technology for clarifying juice and wine first used in Australia
  32. Wine History/Characterisation of the malolactic enzyme system
  33. Wine History/Chemical age index for wine published
  34. Wine History/Chemical characterization of wild ferment wines
  35. Wine History/Clare Valley producers bottle 2000 vintage Riesling under screw cap
  36. Wine History/Climatic classifications published
  37. Wine History/Closterovirus recognized as the cause of leaf roll
  38. Wine History/Cold stabilisation of wine first applied
  39. Wine History/Commercial use of growth regulators
  40. Wine History/Commercialisation of a flavour-enhancing mixture of three wine yeasts
  41. Wine History/Commercialisation of a wine yeast for the reduction of ethyl carbamate formation
  42. Wine History/Commercialisation of a wine yeasts for the reduction of H2S
  43. Wine History/Commercialisation of malolactic wine yeast
  44. Wine History/Commercialisation of new interspecific yeast strains
  45. Wine History/Commercialisation of the first freeze-dried cultures of malolactic
  46. Wine History/Construction of a wine yeast deletion library
  47. Wine History/Continuous improvement of refrigerated stainless steel fermentors
  48. Wine History/Continuous screw press patented
  49. Wine History/Continuous starter culture production
  50. Wine History/Continuous systems

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